The journey remembered

As I processed pictures tonight I kept telling myself I’d only do a few…I ended up doing a few more than a few when I started to realize how much I’d obsessed over the London Eye. An iconic and really cool piece of London’s riverwalk it visible in so many places and gives so many impressions. I ended up posting several pictures of the eye with a few more on the way eventually…Anyway here are some more processed pictures from London and Cheshire. More to come!

Big Ben
The sun begins to slink behind the clouds as night sets in London.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge at night, an awe-inspiring moment.

Attack of the London Eye
Sharp angle of the London Eye.

Peas in a Pod
Peas in pods as the London Eye changes colours in the night.

London Eye at Night - Red
Do you fancy red, or …

London Eye at Night - Blue
Blue? 🙂

Blackfriars Bridge
The clouds pose for the sky at Blackfriar’s Bridge.

Mow Cow
Ruins of Mow Cow from the front.

Mow Cow
Mow Cow from the side.

Access Land
Public access land, for all in Cheshire.

Cheshire Countryside
Cheshire Countryside.

Trees of Cheshire

Cheshire trees enjoy the sunset…

Come back for more, soon!


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