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  • The journey remembered

    As I processed pictures tonight I kept telling myself I’d only do a few…I ended up doing a few more than a few when I started to realize how much I’d obsessed over the London Eye. An iconic and really cool piece of London’s riverwalk it visible in so many places and gives so many […]

  • The wistful Londonhead

    So, first thing is next, here are the top searches for my blog in the past week: “silly american customs, gay wrestler, crowded veranda.” That’s pretty awesome, I don’t care who you are, getting hits for “gay wrestler” is just funny…anyway, by typing the words “gay wrestler” a few more times, I’m only making it […]

  • The silly American

    Hello friends, I am writing to you again from high-speed rail as I travel from Amsterdam Central station to Brussels Midi, my favorite European sketch-fest. There really is something to writing these damn updated out on a Blackberry. I think after a while people are thinking you’ve just run up a seventy-eight dollar texting bill. […]

  • The Amsterdam-bound guy

    Elevator straight into my skull. The escalator rises as it falls. I swear our jet is crashing in my mind. You can hold on but I wouldn’t waste your time. Farewell, my black balloon. I’m sitting, listening to The Kills on my Blackberry when it occurs to me that I should do a blog update. […]

  • The pub culture

    “I saw this thing on iTV the other week, said, if she plays with her hair she’s probably keen…She’s playing with her hair well regularly, so I reckon I could well be in.” So, I’m listening to The Streets at my London flat tethered to my blackberry…which, by the way, is not supported in the […]

  • The Dray

    Right, where were we. After leaving the coffee shop yesterday I set out for a little photography adventures around London. The fun thing about leaving the US is that everything is a little new and interesting to look at. I’m a bit of an observer myself, so I notice things like street signs, crosswalks, and […]

  • The Irishman who says bollocks

    Yesterday I had posted that I was going to go out and try and take some pictures even though by the time I dragged my ass out of bed and took a shower it was well into the evening dark. To my credit, I was all prepared when I marched down the stairs with my […]

  • The drunken live in

    So, we have some time to catch up on here. I’m sitting in my room above the pub about ready to get ready for the day after a heavy night of drinking. My heads a bit swimming but for the most part things are well. Right, let’s get up to date here. The flight over […]

  • The other site of the pond, again.

    What’s up loyal blog readers? Even though I get the feeling that I’m likely writing to four people, you’re my fans, and I love everyone of you! In November of 2004 I took a trip over to England with my family to visit my brother-in-law’s parents for Christmas holiday. It was a fun experience to […]