Category: Europe 2010

  • The spur of the moment

    Got a bug to process some more images…here ya go 🙂 Big Ben up close and personal. There was construction this day, so I decided to get close, otherwise you could see scaffolding surrounding the iconic structure. Graffiti underneath: An impromptu skate park along the river down the way from the London Eye. I think […]

  • Amsterdam!

    Got around to processing a few pictures from Amsterdam. Hot of the presses. A bicyclist rides into the wide flames of oblivion. My best attempt at a “Self Portrait” Fly away. Keep it cruel…baby. More to come…Who knows when 🙂 I’m excited though as a few of these might be printed shortly…time to start hanging […]

  • The journey remembered

    As I processed pictures tonight I kept telling myself I’d only do a few…I ended up doing a few more than a few when I started to realize how much I’d obsessed over the London Eye. An iconic and really cool piece of London’s riverwalk it visible in so many places and gives so many […]

  • Fun times in Cheshire

    Chris and I experimenting with my phone and the beer sampler I had bought. All of the following pictures were taken around Chesire, England. I’ll have more to process, but I’ll break them up into blog posts so there here and on flickr. More to come! lunks

  • The last European post

    The last day in London, I awoke at about 0700, anxious to get going for the day. I had went to bed after writing my last blog update at about 0200, so I didn’t manage to get a whole lot of sleep. I remember watching Big Bang Theory and charging my iPod for the next […]

  • The wistful Londonhead

    So, first thing is next, here are the top searches for my blog in the past week: “silly american customs, gay wrestler, crowded veranda.” That’s pretty awesome, I don’t care who you are, getting hits for “gay wrestler” is just funny…anyway, by typing the words “gay wrestler” a few more times, I’m only making it […]

  • The Stonehenge route

    It looks like yesterday I spelled Stonehenge wrong in my post…I would have to think that is a common mistake for many people, but you’ll have to pardon my improper spelling from before. I’d edit it, but I’m going to instead use it as a testament to my stupidity. 🙂 I woke up early, in […]

  • The silly American

    Hello friends, I am writing to you again from high-speed rail as I travel from Amsterdam Central station to Brussels Midi, my favorite European sketch-fest. There really is something to writing these damn updated out on a Blackberry. I think after a while people are thinking you’ve just run up a seventy-eight dollar texting bill. […]

  • The hotel from space

    Welcome one, welcome all to the circus of public transit and Europe once again proving to me that they’ve got their stuffs together when it comes to public transport. Chris woke me up this morning with a cup of tea right at about 10 past 8:00. I was only nervous about one thing, the off-peak […]

  • The Amsterdam-bound guy

    Elevator straight into my skull. The escalator rises as it falls. I swear our jet is crashing in my mind. You can hold on but I wouldn’t waste your time. Farewell, my black balloon. I’m sitting, listening to The Kills on my Blackberry when it occurs to me that I should do a blog update. […]