Tag: Europe

  • Amsterdam!

    Got around to processing a few pictures from Amsterdam. Hot of the presses. A bicyclist rides into the wide flames of oblivion. My best attempt at a “Self Portrait” Fly away. Keep it cruel…baby. More to come…Who knows when 🙂 I’m excited though as a few of these might be printed shortly…time to start hanging […]

  • The journey remembered

    As I processed pictures tonight I kept telling myself I’d only do a few…I ended up doing a few more than a few when I started to realize how much I’d obsessed over the London Eye. An iconic and really cool piece of London’s riverwalk it visible in so many places and gives so many […]

  • The English Countryside

    Went out driving around today with Mick, his son Dave, and the dog, Duke. Dave, Duke, Mick and I had a great time driving around the Northwestern English countryside getting a PhD in English history from Mick. We headed out of Crewe towards Mow Cow and ended up taking a wide tour of areas within […]