Category: Trip to LA – Oct 2008

  • The California dream

    Zac and I returned from driving up the Pacific Coast Highway fairly late in the day. We worked our way up the windy road getting on and off the 10 as we went along trying to keep the ocean in site at all times. We had the opportunity to stop fairly frequently. Each time we […]

  • The PCH

    Zac and I decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway out of Los Angeles today to get away from things. To be honest it was all quite uneventful but very beautiful. We stopped many times to watch the waves crash in on the shore and listen to the sound of the hollowing Pacific Coast. If […]

  • The wild night

    There are nights and there are nights. Last night was one of those such nights. Zac had to work at an underwater photo shoot yesterday so I bummed around the apartment working on homework and catching up on blog posts. When Zac returned it was a shotgun start for the evening. We called some buddies […]

  • The broken glass

    Broken glass on the “veranda” of LA I’m sitting in Zacs apartment on the 12th floor marvelling how well the sound from the street makes its way up to Zac’s window. You can hear people talking and yelling on fith street down below. Every type of conversation you could expect from a Los Angeles inner-city […]

  • The landing

    Every now and then the morning before a flight simply goes perfectly. I drove to Burnsville and dropped off the dog, walked into the airport with my printed e-pass, breezed through security and made it to the gate just as they were starting pre-boarding. It was a full flight on a 757-300 with three full […]

  • The return

    So, I’ve been watching Entourage a lot lately, which happens to be one of my favorite shows. Its funny because its not the usual type of sitcom that I’d typically be interested in. However there is something about the idea of living in LA and dealing with all the “tough issues” that they deal with […]