The broken glass

Broken glass on the “veranda” of LA

I’m sitting in Zacs apartment on the 12th floor marvelling how well the sound from the street makes its way up to Zac’s window. You can hear people talking and yelling on fith street down below. Every type of conversation you could expect from a Los Angeles inner-city street. The sirens are a nice compliment…They are relentless and just when you think, man I havent heard noises loud enough to drown out my thoughts, bam another couple of fire trucks.

Its all acoustics really. Since Zac has an apartment on the twelth floor and there is another equally as tall apartment across the street at around 15 floors, the noise is reflected off the rigid concrete buildings straight up. Its like having one of those old time gigantic cones to the street. Its almost like we’re sitting on the corner, sipping our tea and taking our showers right next to where its all happening. There is a life to it.

Tonight we will go to the art walk…Apparently there is art and things all over the streets and galleries. Zac and I saw people preparing their shops and galleries for the event tonight. All today I’ve been listening to sounds of music and people yelling at the music…which is elegant. I’ll try to take some pictures of that while i’m out there.

Now I’m just trying to recover from a shower. This building is very old and made of very heavy materials. While it is no doubt strong, it barely meets a lot of modern building codes and kinda freaks me out. The plumbing is crazy and its all installed backwards causing me to have to adjust the settings on the big old school knobs like hundreds of times throughout my shower…who needs all that reasonably lookwarm water in the world when there is raging hot water to be blasted with until you desperately fill the nozzles.

Zac’s magazines on the floor got wet from some of the water so I went to pick them up and bugs shaked out…There is a common wall in buildings this old that runs many floors and allows plumbing access…It is also a great place for bugs and things…it is vented into Zacs bathroom…This building was built many years before they had powered ventillation, so the access to that wall is a good thing for bugs…they ran every which way and I went bat crazy with a magazine killing them all…it was like a Steven Sugall movie…

More to come, make sure to check out the pictures on Flickr which I’ll be uploading as we go through our travels.


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