The landing

Every now and then the morning before a flight simply goes perfectly. I drove to Burnsville and dropped off the dog, walked into the airport with my printed e-pass, breezed through security and made it to the gate just as they were starting pre-boarding. It was a full flight on a 757-300 with three full cabin sections. This time a really cute girl boarded the plane and set next to me, which never seems to happen. After a few missed opportunities to make small chat I burried myself into my Dell Mini’s video player.

One of my pet peeves is when people sitting in front of you insist on rolling their chair back invading your space. In an airplane with not enough space to begin with, its really annoying when the person in front of you decides that they need to recline, monopolizing your space even more. I’d be less upset if the person in front of me wasn’t the size of a 6 year-old and actually needed the space. However, this was not the case. So I sat with my mini half folded watching Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Which turned out to be the worst Adam Sandler movie yet. Even more disturbing was that it was a Robert Smigel/Sandler/Apatow movie and it was still horrible…but I digress.

We started our decent into Los Angeles and at this point I was enjoying the view of the mountains and valleys as we came into the city. I turned off my media player in time to hear the cute girl next to me talking about her wedding plans. At least I can chalk this one off as not another failed attempt at making a connection but instead a successful attempt at hitting on a premarried chick…So there is some hopeful thinking for you pesimists.

Zac picked me up and as usual he was a little late. You see the night before he had ran into Dave Foley who happens to love down the block from him. After a failed attempt at making last call at a club they all went back to Dave’s place and got hammered. So needless to say Zac was a bit hung over. I was sort of jealous of the fact that Zac had gotten to hang out with someone famous. Although, the next night we saw him but couldn’t make it over to the library in time to catch him. I’m hoping that at some point I get a chance to meet him.

First beer of LA

I think that some of my assumptions on Los Angeles from last time may have been a bit harsh. Now that I’m returning I’m finding the city to be quite nice and inviting. Its still as sketchy as it always was but there are many more opportunities I’m finding that make it seem like a nice place. Zac and I had lunch at Petes down the street, great place to grab a sandwhich and a newcastle. We then hung out and took care of some errands, running over t Ross to grab some shoes…its like the TJ Max of California, I’m finding out. Got a great deal on some nice KSwiss though…so that one is for Shanizzle, wherever you are.

I saw a guy on the corner a few minutes into my walk downtown who was wearing cowboy boots, tiny short-shorts and a doorag. It was the craziest thing because this guy looked like he was off to a Haloween party, but this was just normal everyday dress for him. I guess thats how it goes out here, you have much more license to be strange. Back in Minnesota this guy would be the ridicule of town but out here it just seemed to fit in. I love walking the streets and noticing the great diversity between people. During the day Los Angeles is full of busy business people scrambling to make that daily bread and at night the business men and women disappear to give light to the shady characters that were always lurking, now much more obvious in the glow the nightime lighting.

There are several 24 hour eateries next to where Zac lives. In Minnesota we would never even go close to these places, but out here they are great. You can get a cheeseburger, chinese food, fresh fish or whatever you might be craving after drinking way too much out at the clubs. Its really kind of awesome and it totally explains why Zac has only a refridgerator and a microwave. Oh and by the way, the microwave is new 🙂

We stopped out at Ralphs grocery store to pick up a few munchies and what not. We parked in a parking garage and took an elevator up to the store. It was the first time I’ve ever taken an elevator to go grocery shopping, thought that was a fun moment to share.

Otherwise than all that fun action things have been pretty normal. I’ve only been harassed by a couple of bums so far and I hope that stays to a minimum. Maybe I’m starting to fit in enough that people are actually steering clear of me…That’d certanily be nice. Tonight when Zac returns from a photo shoot we’ll probably go out…I’m sure that I will have plenty of stories about that. Hope to upload more pictures to flickr soon.

The pigeon on the window is cooing at me much like the Raven outside my cellar door. It is time for me to go now, finish my homework and suit up to go out into the city to find some food.


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