The return

So, I’ve been watching Entourage a lot lately, which happens to be one of my favorite shows. Its funny because its not the usual type of sitcom that I’d typically be interested in. However there is something about the idea of living in LA and dealing with all the “tough issues” that they deal with regarding the movie industry. It goes to show you that even the stars have to deal with a whole lot of crap now and then.

Now…if any of you have read the archives from my last trip to Los Angeles, you would know that I find it to be a desolate and sketchy place. That of course is all written from my trips in the downtown area near some of the worst areas of inner-city living that I have ever seen. Zac lives in an apartment building that is designed for people who are either looking to an affordable alternative to being homeless or for people who really want a piece of that life. Everything down to the people sketchily walking around in the lobby emulate that very same ideal…

So as I look forward to more awkward exchanges by crackheads in the elevator to Zac’s apartment, I’m hoping to give a new lense to this city and throw my inhibitions to the wind as I delve deep into a culture that escapes my comfortability zone. LA is well beyond the normalcy if Minnesota and growing up in a small town in Minnesota only exacerbates the issue of being nervous in an urban environment. Even though I live in Minneapolis now, I still feel that LA is a far cry from Minneapolis and I think you would all agree with that statement.

So keep an eye peeled, I will be out there over the next few days sharing my vacation and experiences through video, photo and blog entries.


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