Category: Trip to LA – Oct 2007

  • Welcome home, Minnesota

     “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, at this time I’d like to begin pre-boarding for flight 422 with service to Minneapolis.” I love hearing that. Minneapolis is my city now and I don’t have to get in and drive two hours south anymore. Muhaha, I thought to myself. Going to see my baby, the city. It […]

  • Hollywood…Blah!

    Saturday was one of Zac’s days off so we decided to head to Hollywood. The problem is we were up way to late partying and now we weren’t leaving downtown LA until about 1:30 in the afternoon. No big deal though it really wasn’t all that exciting in the day time, anyway. We tooled up […]

  • Summertime, In the LBC

    So, today Zac had to work again and I had decided to become more independant. My Dad tells me that I am part of the echo generation and he had recently learned that we are very group orientated. He was certainly right. I am 24 and I find myself unable to function by myself unless […]

  • Blackberry, crackberry, thumbs, oh my!

    Just because I am that special kind of geek I’m testing mobile blogging ability. Having myself be able to send these from the blackberry makes thing effecient. Imagine me driving the road blogging about things I see. It will be swell, I tell you, swell. Zacs back from work and now we drink and go […]

  • I wear my sunglasses at night…

    So today was like my trial run for being a downtown Los Angeles citizen. Zac had to leave to go to work around 2:00 or so and I decided that I would go exploring a bit. I took a shower and got ready, the entire time I heard sirens of fire and police vehicles every […]

  • Brothers on a hotel bed.

    It was quite a night. Los Angeles is fueled on two substances. One legitimate – Red Bull, one illegitimate – methamphetamine. While I can’t speak to the latter I can speak to the Red Bull. It truly was the only thing that kept me moving last evening. It was a brutal exercise of the mind […]

  • Joy of Transit

    On the air ride to LA I remembered a moment this morning. I had my iPod switched over to random music mode. I sat in my chair sleeping to the outside world, but a flurry of thoughts inside. I had finagled an exit-row seat, as I often do when flying a Boeing 737-800. It gives […]

  • Two Mikeys – One City

    Last night we received a call from Mikey. Dude works at Smashbox with Zac and is from the east coast. People from the east coast seem to have an interesting presence, often bold and typically quite funny. Our instructions were to drive to Hermosa beach and wait for further instructions. So we gassed up the […]

  • Demarcation

    So, tonight we left and headed north out of zac’s apartment and we found a point of demarcation, where the poor and depressing turns to grant street, where the suits and the hipsters roll. We went by the Walt Disney concert hall and found some local hotspots to have beers and appetizers. Its really weird, […]

  • Sleezy: A collection of run on sentances, painfully typed on a blackberry

    So, I got into Los Angeles and the airport felt old and abused, yellow and green colors, not very appealing. I walked outside and the air wasn’t the usual air you find around an airport, it was heavy, smog filled, and smoky. We had to drive down to Long Beach to grab some things from […]