So, tonight we left and headed north out of zac’s apartment and we found a point of demarcation, where the poor and depressing turns to grant street, where the suits and the hipsters roll. We went by the Walt Disney concert hall and found some local hotspots to have beers and appetizers. Its really weird, how much can change when you pass by the rite way pharmacy and cross into the upscale LA. Where we were today, I bet no one bothers venture from their post on the hill. We did go through the 75 story USBank tower and that was very cool. There is hope for Los Angeles yet, a consciousness that breathes in the night time as the shops close down and the busy commerce filled sidewalks turn to cold steel. What a difference a block, and a few hours makes.

We’re kicking it back at the crib, where in the elevator on our journey to the twelfth floor a couple got on screaming around floor four. Someone had pressed all the buttons, so we had to listen to them screaming at each other for what felt like fifteen minutes. Feared that everything would turn to fighting, zac only smiled, I guess that’s the norm around the Roslyn Hotel apartments….

We’re off to meet a guy in long beach…more fun to come, I’m sure. Did I mention I’m wearing all blue? That’s because I represent …

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