Welcome home, Minnesota

 “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, at this time I’d like to begin pre-boarding for flight 422 with service to Minneapolis.” I love hearing that. Minneapolis is my city now and I don’t have to get in and drive two hours south anymore. Muhaha, I thought to myself. Going to see my baby, the city. It was good to be coming home.

I just thought I’d leave a short post and let everyone know it went without a hitch. I’m home now finishing up some editing and heading to bed. Right now I’m a bit jet lagged and totally not in work mode…Tomorrow will be interesting. Plus, it will be the first day I haven’t had a beer at 9:00 in the morning…hehe.

So, I think I will return to LA. I had fun while I was out there and it is sobering to see people who are less fortunate. Wow, that just sounded completely self-centered didn’t it? Its humbling though to really realize how well you have it and how stupid some of your own problems are compared to all of that. My townhome feels huge right now and after I watched The Office and had an ice cream cone I really felt connected back to my reality. It was nice to vacation in someone else’s perspective for a while, but not exactly what you really want on a vacation. It was like a reality TV show where I was shoved into Inner-city life, which I’ve never lived in, and forced to figure everything out. Cool, though…

Alright ladies and gents…Time to get some sleep so I can try and function tomorrow. Thanks for reading about my trip and take care of yourselves. Remember to watch out for the crackheads and meth addicts and always, always keep a tight watch on your wallet and watch…You never know. :->

Lunky, aka The Lunk.

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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever go to LA after what you wrote! Yuck. My impression based on your postings: shitty food, urine, dirty people, heat, noise and lots of anger. I’ll head to LBC though. That seems like a place to actually take a vacation.

  2. So, as you know I was “fortunate” enough to visit Zac in Long Beach in June of 2007. This was before he had made the move downtown. All I can say is, Jesus.

    As it is, Long Beach is a violent city. Nightly police helicoptors, etc… Other than that, not unlike the panhandling every street corner in Minneapolis. Although the cigar store was cool save for the stoned guy and obsequious Latin girl.

    I can’t imaging that Zac will really have a problem living in the Ghetto.

    As it stands, I’ve witnessed Zac in the following situations.

    over 150 blocks through Harlem because he missed the exit for 36th and Lexington in Manhattan

    Guadelupe, the Mexican Ghetto of Las Vegas

    Tijuana…enough said.

    Chicago where I had to pee outside the car in pouring rain in some god awful neighborhood.

    Mid-Boston where some guy was trying to sell Zac a laptop. Later, we saw a FEDEX truck with its back open which had obviously been stolen from….hmm. Zac was wearing a shirt that said “Amsterdam” that day and I was pretending to be an army guy.

    North Minneapolis.

    In light of this, I postulate that Zac will be just fine living in downtown LA, as long as he keeps reasonably quiet.

    The only bad part was when Zac did one of his archetypical haggling sessions at a Walgreens drug store that sold ice cream cones in downtown LA.

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