Blackberry, crackberry, thumbs, oh my!

Just because I am that special kind of geek I’m testing mobile blogging ability. Having myself be able to send these from the blackberry makes thing effecient. Imagine me driving the road blogging about things I see. It will be swell, I tell you, swell.

Zacs back from work and now we drink and go on about crazy stories and weirdness happening around us. Inner, inner-city, inner-city pressure. As flight of the conchords might say…

“You’ve always been a shorts guy,” zac says to me…he’s right, in minnesota you don’t get to always wear shorts, and that’s a shame.

This morning I went to shower in zacs skeezy bathroom. What is weird is that they actually have really hot water but horribly crappy control interfaces. I got the right temperture on the faucet and went to rock the spout. Then I was blased with nuclear heat. Zac doesn’t have shower rings, only A-clamps so exit isn’t really a possibility at this point and now I’m finding myself hostage in the back of my friends bathtub. Scary. I had to make fine adjustments to the heat, we’re talking crazy fine. I would turn it only the slightest and it would go from raging heat to searing cold. It was awful, I was screaming profanities for 10 minutes trying to dial it all in…sucked. Inner-city pressure alright.

Only the pressure isn’t there, to get it dialed in warm it comes out slow. If you turn the showerhead to massage (yeah, that thing cost more than the building). It sputters out random water now like an old man squeezing a spray bottle on his death bed. It was like getting a back massage from a drunk old Russian pilot. Not that I’d know how that rolls…

Well off to chill. Music and cheese…I picked up some doritos, fancy. Now we’re big time…huzzah.

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