The spur of the moment

Got a bug to process some more images…here ya go 🙂

Big Ben

Big Ben up close and personal. There was construction this day, so I decided to get close, otherwise you could see scaffolding surrounding the iconic structure.

Graffiti Park

Graffiti underneath: An impromptu skate park along the river down the way from the London Eye. I think I was making some skaters uncomfortable standing there with my camera.

National Theatre

National Theatre…really cool at night.

Take This Sinking Boat

Take this sinking boat, and point us home…along the dried up banks in Chester, Cheshire, UK.

Green Tree

Green Trees

The Road Less Traveled

Chris and I, enjoying the road less traveled.

All for now. Went shooting with Laurence and Rod tonight around Minneapolis. My favorite spot is along the stone-arch bridge, on a great night watching the sun set behind the buildings and clouds overlooking St. Anthony Falls is simply breathtaking. Pictures on the way soon.


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