The Return

We got back into London on Thursday night in the evening and decided that we weren’t really motivated to do much except have a pint at the local bar and go for a curry down the road. Dave lives within a block of about six different Indian restaurants. So we figured we try and sample a bit of the local. In England, Indian take away is a lot more common than it is in the US, certainly in the states that I’ve visited.

After having a pint or two at The Swan, we went down the road to the Blue Bengal to figure out what we were going to eat for the night and ended up ordering an entire mess of Indian food.

A mess of Indian at the Blue Bengal

I had ordered the chef’s special curry which was as sweet as it was spicy and was absolutely fantastic to soak up with some naan bread. We also ordered cabbage and onion cakes, prawns, and a few other bits and pieces of curry-flavored delight. I highly recommend this little spot in West Wickham, should you ever find yourself there.

Friday I was more interested in having a lazy day than anything else. We ended up going back to The Swan around 2 for a steak pastry in ale sauce and chips…I came back and went to bed for a bit and then sorted out a shower shortly before 5:30 when Dave got home.

Then we headed back in for the glorious return.

Down at The Lyceum just about everyone was there. It was really good catching up with a bunch of people I’m happy to call my friends from abroad. The feeling at the end of the night was even the same, a bit of it’s great to see everyone and a bit of I won’t see these people for some time. Josh found himself in love with the locals as well and got on with everyone.

The Gang

I’ve written about this before, but the pub culture in London is really awesome. It’s easy to connect with people and have a great night if you’re just open minded and looking for the right things. I think Josh got on well with that concept and really figured out what I’ve been talking about.

We had a few beers on the last train home, some sausage rolls, and Josh and Jim debated politics for the rest of the evening…then it was off to bed for me, a quick shower in the morning, and the trip back to Heathrow to fly home.

I can honestly say that I’m ready to come home this time…it’s been two solid weeks of traveling and since I’ve been dragging someone around Europe it’s been a bit stressful minding all the details as well. I’m looking forward to seeing Annie Oakley, my Zitorito, and my bed.


For now a few beers. I’m watching Josh walk around the shops near us, still effected by Xanax, although he won’t admit to that.

I’ll hope to post pictures soon and update all of that once I get things processed. Easy for now ya’lls.

Update. Josh passed out at yet another point in the trip.

Josh sleeping at O'Hare



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