That time, again.

The question I always seem to get before I head off on a new adventure is “are you excited?”

Oddly enough…the answer is generally, no. I mean…that’s not to say I’m not excited…but it hasn’t gotten to me yet. I can’t check out until I’m on the plane for the first leg of this trip…it’s just impossible to ignore all the things that have to be completed, but the moment my ass hits that plane seat…then it really has began.

I’ll be traveling with someone who suffers from a moderate level of flight anxiety that is mitigated through prescription anxiolytics…he’s also not been across the pond before so I’m excited to share some of travel experience and hang out in some cool new places…He’s a comedian and we’re fairly like minded…I’m hoping for an international incident, to be honest.

More details and pictures to come, but for now, in the immortal words of The Clash, Londons calling.



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