The “Crewe Services”

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Bollocks! Pandora won’t work when I’m stealing WiFi from the neighbors…but I know it worked when I tethered my laptop to my phone. I guess Pandora hasn’t identified that block of IPs as UK sourced yet. Ah well…enough of the geeky stuff 🙂

Spent the night at Chris’ last night in Crewe with Lol’s brother Mick and it was a freaking great time. We watched English shows like the Krypton Factor and Top Gear and had a laugh, some Chinese food, and plenty of good spirits.

Crewe Services is nothing more than Chris’ house, but he had, oh let’s say, been gifted this sign outside his back porch to indicate he was a bit of a hostel, a three-star one at that. Chris often had friends who’d travel up the country for business and crash at his place. Of course they’d all hang out and have a good time as well, but his house quickly became known as “Crewe Services.”

It’s much, much, better than a hostel.

Chris has set me up properly here. A nice big, comfortable bed that no one has died in or died shortly after sleeping in. A private room, free Internet (to steal from the neighbors), coffee, tea and last night Chris ran out to get the best smattering of English munchies ever known to man…Right, get ready to salivate:

Everything seen here is good. Can you spot the healthy option? I’ll give you a hint, there is fruit in the picture, somewhere. Walker’s Crisps are absolutely brilliant. I’m also quite partial to those digestive cookies which are a lot like hobnobs but not as “fibery.” It’s also worth noting that the coke always stays out…they don’t serve it cold, and no one drinks it with ice. Not a problem for me, but an interesting point of English culture.

Chris and Mick are great to have conversations with. Very down to earth people that are rather educated about the world and history. Funny enough, Chris knew landmarks in Wisconsin that I had never heard of…I wish I could retaliate but knowing something about his homeland that he didn’t know, but he’s well smarter on geography than me, it appears.

Chris also seems to be rather educated on birds and the world around him. Mick and I chatted about politics and the history of the nation. Margaret Thatcher, the various movements over the years and the state of the nation’s railway system. It’s interesting, because even as adapted as the railway system is over here, a lot of people know that it has been falling apart a bit and it will take time and investment to keep everything going smoothly.

After hours of chatting, I crashed out. Back up this morning booking a ticket to Brussels in the Eurostar train where I’ll then grab an intercity to Amsterdam and stay for two days. I’m hoping to stash my dead hooker luggage in a bin at some London train station, or perhaps back at The Lyceum if they’d be so kind to stick it up in a closet somewhere until my return.

I’m looking forward to heading to The Netherlands for a bit of exploring. It will be the only two nights of hotel stay I’m going to book this trip as well, so it will be a bit “luxurious.”

Even still…nothing can beat Crewe Services!

<> Two nights hotel in central Amsterdam (City Centre) .. FREE! Woot, yay for points! Two weeks in Europe, total cost of lodging: 0 dollars…damn I’m good!

Cheers for now guys,

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  1. Yay for points indeed. No doubt accrued at our expense, so in a roundabout way you’ve once again figured out a way to have fun with OUR money. I’ll be sure to let Wellsy know so he can show you the proper appreciation. 🙂

    In all seriousness it sounds like you’re having a spectacular time. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

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