The protest gets competition

Mmm, Arbys

So I noticed that Arby’s has a promotion on Wednesdays where you can get something for free. As I drove by, the usual Cataldo protest was going strong, but there was a girl dressed in Arby’s chique waiving a sign back and forth advertising some sort of free food promotion. I had to chuckle, because she was in a heated competition for attention.

What was normal, was the lazy lament of protesters holding the familiar “Shame on Dr. Cataldo” banner. Sitting there with a look of absolute boredom and disgust on their faces, not involved in the protest at all. They change every single time you drive by…replaced by other people who have questionable ties back to the union. Why are these people here? Sitting in the hot sun, protesting something they obviously don’t seem to care about. Could it be they are just being paid to hold a sign, that’s it? No benefits, no bonuses, no time off, just a bucket to sit on (which would hurt one’s posterior) and some time to think about their thoughts as they stare listlessly into the sun.

The Arbys girl, on the other hand…whoa momma! She’s shaking that sign like crazy. Above her head, back and forth. Clearly, she is motivated to get customers to come in and enjoy the delicious Arbys fare in the air conditioned setting, overlooking the protesters who look sad and homeless staring out on to route 55.

Cataldo protesters take notice of the girl…She is getting the job done. I left that corner thinking, “damn I could go for a sandwich.” Note that I was completely void of any distaste for labor practices and had no understanding of what was going on.

I’m also still receiving compliments and comments on the original post for Cataldo and the labor protest. Keep ’em coming. There really seems to a heavy predisposition to being anti-union in those comment threads…I’m not saying one thing or another, but the people who come to my page in search of information about the protest are usually curious and annoyed with the protesters. Thoughts on that?

I sure could go for Arbys right now! 🙂

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