Tag: Dr. Cataldo

  • The protest gets competition

    Mmm, Arbys So I noticed that Arby’s has a promotion on Wednesdays where you can get something for free. As I drove by, the usual Cataldo protest was going strong, but there was a girl dressed in Arby’s chique waiving a sign back and forth advertising some sort of free food promotion. I had to […]

  • The resurrection

    Hello out there. I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything, but that seems to be how blogs work these days. You post furiously and with no disregard and then one day you realize its been months since you last talked to anyone. I’ve received what I would call the first response […]

  • The (paid) assignment

    “They just pay me to hand out these fliers.” According to a comment left on my first post about this Dr. Brent Cataldo protest, a protesting member admitted to getting paid to hand out fliers. Really? That is the second person I’ve had tell me that they’ve talked to the protesters and they have admitted […]