The Pearl at Pickle Park

Try to say this post title five times fast, I dare you.

Went to see a local band for my friend Josh’s birthday tonight. Formerly Phat Pearl, The Pearl offers quite a bit of different music played quite well. My personal favorite of course is forty-six and two by Tool. Perhaps one of my favorite songs they do it very well. Expect other band covers as well such as: heart, pink floyd, weezer, alice in chains, and many more.

Personally I’m hoping for a Rick Aslee song. As per my chanting.

Josh talked to them this evening and I think they are going to play. A few notes about the venue, Pickle Park. For being in Fridley it is very nice. They have a VIP section which we were seated in. Even though the place wasn’t packed it was kind of nice to enjoy all the VIP amenities like a private bathroom, nice tables, cushioned seating, and an attentive barman. It was a nice play to sit and chill and watch a good band.

One thing that always disturbs me is the amount of nipple grabbing that goes on in this group. Josh is a nipple man, that is for sure…it gets weird. I saw more breast grabbing in one evening than I have ever seen before. Not that this is a bad thing. 🙂

There was one dude, it was funny. When I showed up he already knew who I was, which I thought was frightening. He was plastered already and after watching him down a bunch of Jaeger he became very drunk. After some dancing and falling down he was off to the bathroom escorted by five guys. He lay in the private VIP bathroom for about forty minutes before being transported (by dragging) to the green room.

At 2:00 we were all getting the, “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE” noises from the bouncers. That always annoys the hell out of me…party, party, party STOP! GET OUT! So damn crude and Neanderthalic. My help was being summoned so off and over to the green room it was to carry a dude out to the car. His shoe fell off, he didn’t seem to mind. Someone carried his shoe out with him and he was standing in the rain as everyone smoked their last nights cigarette and chatted before leaving the bar completely.

His right foot soaking in all the rainwater from the day, it was funny. He had that sort of child’s grin on his face…apparently it happens every week/weekend…sometimes thats sad. I can’t recall a time ever that I had to be fireman carried out of a bar. One thing I thought was funny is we were carrying him out, and I was yelling at him, “DUDE, WAKE UP YOU HAVE TO DRIVE US HOME!”

The bouncers did *not* find that as amusing as we all did.

Off to bed, long day of doing nothing tomorrow, I’ll get pics up soon – lunks

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  1. Did you say Rick Aslee?

    “Rick! It’s your cousin Marvin. Marvin. Marvin Aslee.

    You know that generic, mediocore sound you’ve been looking for? Well listen to this!”

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