Tag: Drinking

  • The wistful Londonhead

    So, first thing is next, here are the top searches for my blog in the past week: “silly american customs, gay wrestler, crowded veranda.” That’s pretty awesome, I don’t care who you are, getting hits for “gay wrestler” is just funny…anyway, by typing the words “gay wrestler” a few more times, I’m only making it […]

  • The drunken live in

    So, we have some time to catch up on here. I’m sitting in my room above the pub about ready to get ready for the day after a heavy night of drinking. My heads a bit swimming but for the most part things are well. Right, let’s get up to date here. The flight over […]

  • The California dream

    Zac and I returned from driving up the Pacific Coast Highway fairly late in the day. We worked our way up the windy road getting on and off the 10 as we went along trying to keep the ocean in site at all times. We had the opportunity to stop fairly frequently. Each time we […]

  • The wild night

    There are nights and there are nights. Last night was one of those such nights. Zac had to work at an underwater photo shoot yesterday so I bummed around the apartment working on homework and catching up on blog posts. When Zac returned it was a shotgun start for the evening. We called some buddies […]

  • The Pearl at Pickle Park

    Try to say this post title five times fast, I dare you. Went to see a local band for my friend Josh’s birthday tonight. Formerly Phat Pearl, The Pearl offers quite a bit of different music played quite well. My personal favorite of course is forty-six and two by Tool. Perhaps one of my favorite […]