The Geeky Saturday

Figured out a cool project to work on today. I took an old Xbox breakaway connector and a USB header from something I had in my bin and started working on this:

XBOX Project - Starting OutStripped Connectors

Toss ’em in the garbage, they won’t be needed. You should be able to find a USB header from just about anything that you have laying around. If you’re like me you probably have thirty of them in a box somewhere…You can get the XBOX USB lead/breakway from buying a cable extension for the controller which will have the big to small conversion on it already, making the adapter that comes with needless.

XBOX Project - Stripped ConnectorsStripped and Soldered

One thing to note on this, there is a yellow pin that is not used in the controller. You can actually use this and the USB ground and 5 VDC to create a relay connection to a switch mounted on a hardwired controller. Dave did this, but I haven’t got around to that yet.

Also, don’t give me any guff about my soldering, this was a quick job and it works fine 😛

XBOX Project - Completed with TapeCompleted with Electrical Tape

I always like to use quite a bit of electrical tape but in this case I just wanted to make the entire length of the new adapter black so that it would match the general aesthetic.

XBOX Project - In the RackTesting in the A/V Rack

This is the adapter with a 2.0GB external thumb drive mounted too it. On the thumb drive I throw my movies or media of whatever sort on and I can quickly get it to the xbox without having to have a networked device online sharing files.

XBOX Project - Device MountedAppearance in XBMC

As you can see it mounts as a ram drive in the operating system. It should be noted that this connection can be used for other USB devices such as keyboards and mice. it is nice because there are some functions that can be made a hell of a lot easier having a keyboard laying around.

I hope you all learned something…back to cleaning!


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