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  • The breakup

    So everyone out there, I want you all to know it is official. I’ve broken up with my Capital One Card. We had a long run and this has been coming for some time. You see, I haven’t even touched the old card for months. Its been laying there, alone, broken hearted in my wallet […]

  • The email scams

    As an aside to this post, I have discovered and come to the judgment that e-mail should no longer be hyphenated. In its infancy electronic mail or e-mail was hyphenated because of the fact that it really wasn’t a word but a shortening of two words. Now, in modern times we seem to drop the […]

  • The Fidel Martyson

    So one thing I’ve found to be very handy in Photoshop is the free transform tool which can be enabled on a layer by pressing ctrl-t. What this allows is the target layer to be rotated and scaled. This is particularly useful when you are copying something from a different image into another image to […]

  • The Geeky Saturday

    Figured out a cool project to work on today. I took an old Xbox breakaway connector and a USB header from something I had in my bin and started working on this: Stripped Connectors Toss ’em in the garbage, they won’t be needed. You should be able to find a USB header from just about […]