Category: Personal Thoughts

  • The “Porn Stache”

    Well everyone. I’ve always wondered one thing. “What would I look like with a porno mustache? ” I answered that tonight. I decided to shave off all the beard…Had the full Whitey-Ford thing going. I stopped to make a handlebar mustache and a “soul-patch” and here is how it turned out: Yeah, that’s right. First […]

  • The email scams

    As an aside to this post, I have discovered and come to the judgment that e-mail should no longer be hyphenated. In its infancy electronic mail or e-mail was hyphenated because of the fact that it really wasn’t a word but a shortening of two words. Now, in modern times we seem to drop the […]

  • The mouse hunt

    All so cryptic and cruel. I pulled into the garage to discover the first kill of the non-live mouse traps. A hunter would call it a clean kill as the mouse lay sideways across the trap, broken spine indicating its final moments. Eyes popped from its skull…I sat there holding the trap, mouse installed and […]

  • Tedium. A recount of my nephew’s first day.

    I sit in a desolate waiting room, my father thumbing through some atrociously PG-13 magazine approved by the hospital administration. Law and Order quietly playing in the background and busy nurse chatter emanates from the nurses station. To complete the symphony of sound a coke machine stationed no more than ten feet from my person […]