The Vegas Trip

So, as I’m walking to get the mail it dawned on me that it’s 32 degrees in Minnesota and 62 degrees in Nevada.

Encouraging revelation to have, as I remembered that I’ll be in Las Vegas tomorrow for a little rendezvous with some friends. If you know me, or have read my other entries…planning is not my strong point. I always enjoy the spontaneous approach to traveling, for better or for worse.

I think we all have the mystique of Vegas pretty well outlined…from the negative connotations to the positive ones and that subtext of it being the land of strange conventions, computer expos, and the very bleakest of human moments. To be honest, I’ve only been there once and it was on a quick drive through…My parents and I stopped to eat at the Red Lobster and headed down the road back to Phoenix. Yes, it’s ok to laugh a little.

So, now with a five-day excursion to the city of sin with an equally-matched five guys, will the mystique be reborn?

Honestly, my best guess is that we’ll get off the plane at the airport expecting to hear the Bee Gee’s Staying Alive as we boogie on through and high five extremely gorgeous women. In reality, we’ll just end up in an airport like any other and hop along our way to the hotel ready to start drinking.

Hopefully I’ll squeeze in a few updates along the trip. I’m heading out with just my Rebel XTi and my trusty 10-22mm Canon lens. I suspect we’ll take a drive and see a few sites, but what is more likely is that we’ll end up piss drunk for most of the trip. Hopefully some funny moments are captured and some good times are had…


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