The box

I was sitting at work today lamenting over a daunting task of technology planning and while I would have been listening to music, my headphones were charging. I heard a scuffle from down the corridor and what sounded like a large carboard box being ruffled around. Then I heard the noise of dragging box down the hallway when much to my lack of surprise, a box appeared in my office.

It was a box for an executive office chair. Big enough for a human to fit in, obscurely placed by Rob in my office. I already knew that K was hiding in the box…I had heard her laughing about it earlier.

With a disspointed sigh I pretended to start falling for the joke, then kicked over the box instead.

I have to admit, it was pretty damn funny in retrospect because at some point before I started pushing the box over, you could here K laughing out loud…Just a failed prank, with no where to go. What do you do? If you leave the box you admit defeat, after all…it was a glorius moment in office prankery.

Remember, if you’re not having some fun at work, then there’s no point of going everyday.


One response to “The box”

  1. That last line is soooooooo true.
    So what am I doing? I’m done here…been done for quite some time. So easy to say, harder to do…

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