Caribou Poem

So, I went to Caribou for the daily dose of mocha-goodness and discovered that once again my lid was cracked. Shannon purports that this means the Caribou girl likes me. I fail to see the logic. I mean, what would she be expecting? Me to return angry that I just spilled 300 degree water all over myself?

I must be missing something…

Anyway upon the return to my office, I wrote a poem dedicated to my coffee failure, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (which you definitely will):

Ah, like life, the lid to my coffee has failed
What started as a crack, is now a separation

A drizzle became a flow
A drip became a spill

The failed coffee lid design serves as a constant reminder
Sad that life doesn’t always fit like a lid to a cup

The cup turns to the right as I avoid spilling all over myself
An adjustment only proving the adaptive nature of human life

When all of the sudden, it occurs to me
Why the hell don’t I just take the lid off?

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