Tag: Netherlands

  • Amsterdam!

    Got around to processing a few pictures from Amsterdam. Hot of the presses. A bicyclist rides into the wide flames of oblivion. My best attempt at a “Self Portrait” Fly away. Keep it cruel…baby. More to come…Who knows when 🙂 I’m excited though as a few of these might be printed shortly…time to start hanging […]

  • The silly American

    Hello friends, I am writing to you again from high-speed rail as I travel from Amsterdam Central station to Brussels Midi, my favorite European sketch-fest. There really is something to writing these damn updated out on a Blackberry. I think after a while people are thinking you’ve just run up a seventy-eight dollar texting bill. […]

  • The hotel from space

    Welcome one, welcome all to the circus of public transit and Europe once again proving to me that they’ve got their stuffs together when it comes to public transport. Chris woke me up this morning with a cup of tea right at about 10 past 8:00. I was only nervous about one thing, the off-peak […]